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    [RC] More on the subject of family memberhip - Heidi Smith

    What are the dollars and cents issues of eliminating the family membership?  I've always thought that AERC has been subsidizing those of us on family memberships for several years, and that that needs to stop.  However, consider the following.  Dues at present are $65 for singles, and $75 for families.  A part of membership is receiving EN, which has an annual subscription rate of $40.  As a family membership, we only receive one EN.  As a family, we receive only one yearbook.  I've worked around the fringes of the publishing business long enough to know that a publication the size and quality of the yearbook costs in the neighborhood of $5 to $6 just to print, never mind that the majority of them are mailed out.  Figure another $7 or more that is not duplicated in our family membership.  Consider also the other mass mailings we get from AERC as members--ballots, dues reminders, etc.  I'm sure our family membership easily saves another $3 or more in not having to duplicate those.  I'm trying to be conservative here, but it appears that AERC is not really subsidizing us much at all.  With the cost of EN, yearbook, and mailings totalling $50 or more of that $65 we pay for single dues, at most our family memberships should cost us maybe $5 more per year than what we are paying.  If that.  I'd be happy to pay a small dues increase for a family membership that reflects our actual costs.  I would not be happy to pay for duplication of EN, yearbook, etc. by paying for two memberships.  (Never mind that if the bylaws change passes, my husband becomes a second-class human being who cannot vote anyway.)  In our family, at least, the net change for AERC here would be that in the past, we have faithfully supported the organization as a family even in years that we did not ride.  In the future, should the bylaws changes pass, the only reason to join would be to preserve career mileage on the years that we ride further than LD's.
    This organization needs to learn to be MORE attractive to potential members, rather than dashing off to become less attractive not only to new people, but to those members it already has.