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    [RC] Dixie Midnight Pad - Renee Gonzalez

    I'm trying to decide what to do for my horse who seems to have a pretty sensitive back. By sensitive, I don't mean she is sore, I mean that her skin seems to get irritated very easily. I've got to keep both the saddle pad and her back clean enough to eat off of or she'll end up having some kind of irritation on her back.
    She's also gotten "heat bumps" on more than one occasion. I notice them the morning after a 50 mile ride.

    So, I'm thinking if she's sensitive to heat and sensitive to dirt, then the Dixie Midnight pad should be perfect, right? It will keep her back and the pad cleaner and it will allow a little more airflow to keep her back cooler.

    I'd like to hear any positive or negative comments you guys might have about the pad.
    I've also considered a Supracor pad but the Dixie Midnight is a lot less expensive.

    Has anyone tried both pads (Supracor and Dixie Midnight) and preferred one over the other? I ride her in a Sports saddle with a skito pad.

    in Northern Ca

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