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    Re: [RC] re: mane and tail rubbing - Zephyr Arabians

    --- Laurie Durgin <ladurgin@xxxxxxx> wrote:
    > Gnats don't like oily substances. I use fly spray
    > and MTG for their hair loss. See other post. 
    Yep.  I use it too.  But keeping them off *completely*
    is better for me.  Right now I'm using a sleazy for my
    filly with sweet itch.  When she matures she'll get a
    blanket designed for keeping the midges/gnats off. 
    Using the sleazy has *eliminated* her itching.  The
    MTG (and other products) just reduced it.
    If your itchy horses also have problems on their legs
    and neck/chest, that can be from a secondary parasite
    whose vector is the midges.  It is a worm that can
    cause blindness.  Best to keep the midges off entirely
    if your horse(s) have a problem with them.
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