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    [RC] Endurance Horse Goes To Town - SandyDSA

    Here is a little "win" for our endurance stallion Sal - our daughter has been taking him to the California Circuit shows here in southern Cal this season. At 17 years old, he is not SUPPOSED to be winning, and being and endurance horse and NOT anything even SLIGHTLY resembling a halter horse - and not as big as his competition, none of this is in his favor. But he won two show championships yesterday and is up for or has already won 2 or more Year End High Point Awards. What is really neat is that the judge was actually very capable - was very clear on what constituted a hnuter vs CEP horse; and even told one rider in no uncertain terms that her horse was TIRED and she needed to fit him up better before taking him out like that and riding him all day. :)

    She talked a lot ot my daughter and when she found our Sal was an endurance horse, she was impressed. Clearly, here was a judge who appreciated an athlete as well as a well conditioned horse in the show ring. Whoever was talking about doing both a few weeks ago - yes you CAN do both - prepare to be judged incorrectly - but also to be delighted when you actualyl get a judge who understands form to function, quality and athleticicsm - over height or elevation. Talk about the ultimate cross training!

    Many groups don't allow juniors to ride stallions, but Arabins do - how special, to see my daughter on my stallion! Now if I could only convince her to ride him in a race.....she prefers her racy bratty Polish mare!

    (wanna see a photo of our show stallion from yesterday??)