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    [Fwd: [RC] Jim Holland's Flipped S-Hack] - Jim Holland


    What happend with the dang thing is that the keeper string broke at Biltmore and I hurriedly replaced it during the ride, leaving it too long.  No big deal LATE in the ride....just ride loose rein. Forgot to go back an fix it....It WAS a big deal at the NCR when it flipped over! Every time I leaned forward to flip it back, Sunny took off!  Embarassing!

    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

    Jim, congratulations on a GREAT race with Sunny.  BTW, as I was scrolling through the ride photos, I saw the one of the rider with the upside-down S-hack.  Don't know you, so I didn't know it WAS you.  Good to put a face to a name.  I just about died laughing at the photo, though.  I thought, "Who is that dim-wit who put his hackamore on upside-down?!!"  (sorry...... )   :)

    Susan Vuturo -- Mom to Sadie, Encore, Rocky, and assorted kitties.