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    RE: [RC] [DR] WEG deaths - Bob Morris

    You had the audacity to state;
    <<< And here you will have a large number of (mostly)
    middleaged men
    (sorry guys!), all of whom are accustomed to power, none of
    whom want to be told what to do.>>>
    This is so prevalent in endurance competition today that it
    is pitiful. I must also say there are some, not as many but
    some, from the distaff side as well. I could spin a few
    stories about this that would curl your hair. Sorry to say
    that it also infests our domestic rides as well.
    Bob Morris
    Morris Endurance Enterprises
    Boise, ID
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    Subject: [DR] WEG deaths
    	Given what we have heard, and knowing that there is no such
    thing as "the
    whole truth", here is how it seems to me: these horses were,
    of course, the
    victims of human ego.
    	It's not just the checks; there are many rides (including 1
    day 100s) with
    long loops and full checks.  It's not just the 'leasing'
    thing; many of us
    have ridden other people's horses, or allowed other people
    to ride ours
    that take excellent care, and many other WEG horses were
    leased (I am sure
    that 99.9% of our crashes at home happen with the owner in
    the saddle).
    It's not just the course or the weather; other horses
    finished in good
    shape on that course, in that weather, and with those holds.
    It HAS to be
    the "human factor"--which often boils down to "ego".
    	The ego of the riders, but also of the owners who lease
    horses out for a
    level of competition for which they are not adequately
    prepared.  But I
    don't think it stops there.  I think there are also 'egos'
    in the Ride
    Management/Organizing Committee, the FEI stewards, and the
    Commission.  I think huge projects of this nature, involving
    a number of
    committees from various different interests come with
    conflict.  And here you will have a large number of (mostly)
    middleaged men
    (sorry guys!), all of whom are accustomed to power, none of
    whom want to be
    told what to do.  No one wants to yield to someone else's
    opinion, even if
    they suspect it may have validity.  Add to that national
    biases and
    attitudes: don't you think the Europeans get fed up with
    hearing "how we do
    it here" from North Americans and Aussies, and knee-jerk
    it?  Certainly, WE seem to have that knee-jerk response to
    coming from THEM!  And EVERYBODY resents the UAE guys, and
    trashcans any ideas that appear to originate from them! (and
    possibly from
    the North American vets in their employ).  Riders aren't the
    only ones who
    want to "win".
    	That said, I think the ultimate failure lies with the
    riders.  Yes, the
    checks were apparently too short for some horses.  The
    riders could have
    stayed overtime, or taken time to feed on the trail--as Bob
    Morris so
    rightly stated--(paraphrase, can't find the original)
    'Nobody ever FORCES
    anybody to override their horse.'  More cooperation between
    the OCs/Vet
    Committees, tougher qualifying criteria--these things may
    help in the
    future.  But nothing will ever protect horses (or even
    ourselves) from the
    effects of the human ego.
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    [RC] WEG deaths, terre