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    Re: [RC] EZboot Size - Laurie Durgin

    Interesting thing about shoe sizes. Our farrier gets shoes from two different places and I noticed sometimes my horse takes   a 00 or 000. And my other horses had different sizes , sometimes and 0  and sometimes 1.. He said some  of the shoes  he buys are from a different country and  they size them differently. (He is a journeymen farrier and has a great rep. here in  Ga. ). So maybe you're not comparing  apples to apples.   Laurie and Rascal
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    You sell your 0's to those of us with smaller horses. :)

    Nashville, TN

    Wintersdwbob1@xxxxxxx wrote:

    >Thought I would try on an EZ boot on Henry since he will start up soon. 
    >Geezzz!!!A size 2 goes on with only sli resistance BAREFOOT.  Does this mean
    >a 3 over a shoe.  I can't believe a horse can have feet that big???? What
    >will I do with all of BOB's O's.  Donna and BOB  ( Henry in the starting


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