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    [RC] WEC holds - John & Sue Greenall

    Comparing multi-day endurance rides to the World Championships 
    is like comparing apples to oranges.  We all know that there is a 
    great variety within endurance and that is what makes this sport so 
    great. You can choose.  If you choose the World Championships, 
    you are asking the type of performance from the horse that every 
    winner of any ride does, you are asking him to have his "best" day 
    and to go for it.  The difference at the WC is that every rider is 
    doing that, not just the handful of "front runners".  Therefore, would 
    it not be in the horses best interest to allow him time to eat and 
    drink?  Horses were not designed to run on empty stomachs no 
    matter how much training they have.  The more holds, the more 
    opportunities to eat, and meet the metabolic demands of the day.  
    The concept that more holds makes the rider go faster between the 
    holds has me wonder where anyone got that idea by looking at ride 
    John and Sue Greenall
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