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    Re: [RC] carrier status and Strep. equi - Stephanie Caldwell

    > Makes sense that there are particular reasons why
    > one individual would have
    > this problem, where most horses don't.
    The next problem is isolating the "carrier" horses.
    I'm still not comfortable taking my horse into a
    private boarding barn because short of a special test
    done on a thor-larynx (? spelling) swab there is no
    way to isolate carrier horses. Strep Equi can/will
    show up in nasal swabs because the dead bacteria will
    grow on a swab, but not infect another horse. You need
    to test for "living" bacteria that is in the gutural
    pouches, and there aren't many labs that do that test.
    My vet said that I can ride with people, just don't
    let the horses rub noses or share buckets.
    Stephanie (ride? what's that... it's been way too
    Starbucks (ride? with other horses? Wow)
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