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A bug in the on-line rider/horse history

Some software gremlins have done something to the on-line 
archives that Russ and I don't understand yet.

For some reason last week - all the 100 mile results from 
1984 to 1995 have disappeared.  The 50s and 75s  still 
dispaly.  We are sure the 100s are still in the db but don't 
know why they are not displaying.

So if you look at your horse/rider record - don't panic and 
call the office or email Russ/Mike.  All the rides from 1996
on do display.

We are looking at it but with our day jobs - plus doing some 
work on the yearbook - it may not get fixed right away.

Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.  Plus all the miles 
are still in the office database too.


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