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kitty litter

Kitty La Pew
Hello Ridecampers:
Help Oil-Dri wants to mine kitty litter in the North of Reno.  This is
right next to the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony and where the Comstock and
NASTR rides go near.  The Washoe County Board of Commissioners are on the
fench about this.  They had a meeting on the 22th  and called off the
meeitng so they could study it more. They are not nice people they only
want to fill the county coffers and to hell with everyone elese.  Please
e-mail or write.  Both rides could be effected. This is very near a
school.  But its an Indian school so they are used to being screwed.  So
whats the big deal.  Ok I will not rant any more but if you want to save
the a little part of the earth form greedy rotten peole e-mail or wirte.
Thanks Kitty
or write c/o Washoe County Box 11130 Reno Nv 89520-0027

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