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Re: RC: Question regarding Wintec w/ Cair panels and white hairs

Hi Infynitie,
    Two guesses:
1. You're not riding as centered as you think, all the time.  When you look down, you look centered but it may be because you're thinking about it.  Or, a lot of people ride with a very curved spine and a dropped shoulder.  Sally Swift and Susan Harris in their books on riding, discuss this and ways to correct it.
2. Your horse may very well be asymmetrical with one shoulder (the left) markedly more developed than the other.  This is very common.  Have someone hold your horse so you can stand behind and somewhat above it.  Look down the spine at the shoulders and note any differences in shape.
    If your horse's left shoulder is larger, see if you can adjust the amount of air in the left side of the panel.
    Hope this helps!
Laney wrote:
I've just read what everyone is saying about the Cair panels, so I take it
that dry spots from this saddle aren't exactly common. I noticed with my
old Wintec, a Pro Endurance, that my horse was getting white hairs and dry
spots. So I figured, OK, time to switch . . . and I got a Wintec 500 AP
with Cair panels instead. My horse seems very happy with the saddle. Only
problem is . . . there are still the dry spots. Well, sort of - - there's
only one spot, and it's over on the left side. It's usually about
fist-sized. My horse doesn't react when I push the area with my fingers,
touch it, etc. so she couldn't be in that much pain if any. Because it's
only on the left side, and because I've had one woman notice that my
saddle sometimes slides over to the right, I'm assuming that's the
problem. I always look down and try to keep the saddle as centered as I
can, and I don't think it's that serious since she's the only one who's
ever noticed, but unless somebody else can think of another reason for the
single dry spot, I'd like to know what I can do to fix this! The woman
said I look like I'm sitting perfectly centered - - it's just that the
saddle's not. I wonder if I'm putting extra weight in my right stirrup. I
had hip problems as a baby (which also gives me problems when I ask for
the right lead) - - could that have anything to do with it? I'm getting a
breastcollar soon - - would that help keep the saddle centered at all?

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