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ReactorPanel Trial Saddles at AERC

As always, ReactorPanel will be at AERC Feb. 28 to March 3 with a wide variety of saddles.  I know it's early to be posting AERC announcements, but we were talking about last year's convention, and had an idea.  Our standard policy is a two-week free trial, but usually there's a $35 charge to ship saddles out.  If you are interested in testing a saddle, you can take one home with you from the Convention and avoid paying freight.  

If you'll be at AERC and think you'd like to test a saddle, please get in touch with us so that we can give you measuring instructions for your horse.  We need basic measurements so that we can have the proper saddle on hand for you to test.

Take care,


Carmi Weininger
The ReactorPanel Saddle Company
Berkeley, California
(510) 644-3620
fax (510) 644-3621
toll free 1-888-771-4402

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