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RE: RE: FEI courses

>Just to complete your interesting list of Championships :
>ECs (sorry I don't remember the years, but it's plus/minus chronological)

Ok, I'll add some more infos :-)

>- Florac (1st Ec) : hilly, rocky, very technical, crew access every 5kms,
but one need 2 cars because of the road network

1990: WEC Stockholm/Sweden: As far as I remember it was not that difficult,
good footing, rolling course.

>- (1991) Montelimar France : hilly, rocky, technical - crew access every

1992: WC Barcelone/Spain: Very technical course, lot of hard ground, rocks

>- (1995)Morlaix France Brittany : hilly, rocky, technical - crew access
every 5kms

>- (1993) Cirencester (UK) : hilly, technical

Can't second that, it was one of the first very fast races, with a winning
time of a bit more than 9 hours. Very flat easy course.

>- Pratoni del Vivaro Italy : hilly, better footing - crew access every 5kms
>- Elvas/Badajoz (Spain/Portugal) : flat, excellent footing, fast, crew
access every 5kms
>- Villacastin (this year young riders ch.) : flat, hard, and fast, easy
crew access

Rolling, but not flat.

>- Castiglione (Italy) : pre-ride was technical, hilly; Championship was
flat and fast, hard footing, lots of turns, crew access easy
>Leonard, Belgium

Wolfgang, Germany

P.S.: Greetings to Leo and CU this year.

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