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Lowering the Head at a Canter!

Ray O.
   So,I'm not alone!Chico will canter with his nose in the dirt if he is
ridden in ANY shanked/curb bit (I own about seven).This was TERRIFYING!
The solution (and Chico was on his way to euthanasia)came in the form of a
tongue relief gag bit from Nat'l Bridle Shop,called,by them, a "ported
bradoon snaffle",and made-appparently-by Reinsman.On a loose rein,this is
a milder bit than a French link,(it's a three piece mouth,with the center
link being a togue relief loop)but it becomes more severe (very
progressively,and with multiple cues to the horse,)as he takes up
slack.You need short cheeks on the bridle for these gag bits.Another
advantage to them is that a direct rein cue creates no tilt,but is just
like an ordinary non-shank in that regard.If anyone wants to try it,I will
pst the item # from that catalogue.

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