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    [RC] Training for riders/trainers - Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

    Well, I got my riding buddy Babsi to go watch the endurance at the WEG,
    although she was woefully unprepared for the weather. That done, her next
    goal is to be able to go to a camp/clinic to learn more about the sport, how
    horses are trained and so on. I've decided that the best way for us to get
    anywhere with endurance of any real variety is to have a trainer here for us
    rather than to wait for any federation to decide to help out. Luckily, Babsi
    is a great rider (since she was 4), has a college age daughter, and a
    husband who can afford to send her interesting places. Her horses and her
    barn are her life and she wants to first learn from the riders' point of
    view and then move on to the trainers. She's German/Egyptian and nothing if
    not thorough....I know because she did her best to teach my crazy Arab mare
    and I dressage for 18 months.
    So here's the request:
    Where can she go for a week or two to get some good training on how to ride
    and train endurance horses, preferably somewhere with a hot/dry kind of
    terrain that would be most like Egypt? Southern Europe is closest and
    easiest, but she's willing to consider the US southwest as well. Any and all
    suggestions will be gratefully received and considered carefully.
    On the same track, but a different possibility is that someone who can take
    the time off could come here to train. I can't offer any money, but I have
    an 8 bedroom house in a dog-abused garden in a quiet suburb of Cairo and no
    one here but the odd houseguest, 12 dogs, 2 cats, 6 parrots, 2 tortoises,
    and my housekeepers and gardeners. My horses are being moved to some land
    next to Babsi's and we are in riding distance of desert and countryside. It
    would be a good chance to visit Egypt on the cheap and despite the US media,
    it is a very friendly place to visit.
    What do you all think?
    Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
    Cairo, Egypt
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