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    [RC] in response to Howard re horse deaths - Laura Hayes

    Howard Wrote:   <<<<Tom would talk in terms of "winning"=
     is everything and most important.  But, he also did bring out the fact t=
    hat some riders not only get consumed with winning, but they feel they mu=
    st complete a ride, at all costs because of the AERC slogan.  This is whe=
    re some endurance riders get into trouble.  They must complete the ride; =
    otherwise, by the very term "to finish is to win," not finishing means yo=
    u and your horse are both losers.>>>
    I honestly do not think that in most (or any) cases that it is riders making
    the decision to continue if their horses are not able - the point of having
    veterinary judges is to pull those horses - and they do, without hesitation.
    In my experience, the horses in trouble are the ones racing near the edge
    between holds, come into a check and are pulled, then go on to develop
    problems related to why they were pulled.
    The horses and riders trying to complete are usually going slow enough to
    accomplish that feat safely.  I have seen very few metabolic problems in the
    horses whos riders are out there to finish - it is usually in the horses who
    are ridden by those who want to win, and would rather not ride to complete
    if they can't be top five.  JMHO.
    Laura Hayes  AERC# 2741
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