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    [RC] songs - Darolyn Butler-Dial

     I believe the title of this is "officially" Night herders lament... 
    Oh, but they've never seen the northern lights,
    >never heard a hawk on the wing,
    >they've never spent spring at the great divide,
    >and they've never heard ole camp cookie sing.
    However,  I have written new words which I sing all the time ('til I know
    folks are tired of it) & continue to make up new verses to fit the situation
    I'm in... riding n the desert, rain, heat, cold, etc.
    Why do we ride for no money, why do we ride for no pay.
    Ain't gettin' no where, we've got leaves (or sand, dirt, rain, sweat) in our
    We must have gone crazy out here.
    But they've never seen a sunny day,
     out on ole Cypress Creek, 
    They've never seen the herons flyyyyy,
    or heard the big blue egret screech.
    chorus:  Why do we ride for no money....
    Last week I's ridin' a 100,
    Out n the desert sun,
    The sky so blue,
    the sand so deep,
    Now this is my idea of fun?
    But they've never seen a dark, dark night,
    Out in these Piney woods,
    They've never heard the hoot owl hoot.
    I wudn't turn on a light if I could.
    chorus:  Why do we ride for no money....
    Last year I's talkin' to Cowboy (that's cowboy Mark)
    He said we'd marry up soon,
    Now I've got me an Endurance Man,
    We married up right at high noon.  (out on the creek, on horseback 11/21/99)
    Now we both ride for no money,
    Both of us ride for short pay,'
    Ain't gettin' no where, '
    there's gray in our hair,
    We mut have gone crazy out here.
    But they've never seen a rainy day,
    out in our Cypress Wood,
    they've never seen the rivers roar,
    I wouldn't change a thing if I could.
    I could go on, but u get the idea... just learn the tune & put ur own words
    & adventures to it!!!  Its really fun...
    THen u walk up to the vets at the vet line in the   a.  Pouring rain,  b.
    sleet & snow, c. tornadic winds & break out robustly with:
    Why do we ride for no money????.......  always gets a laugh & cheers u up
    & don't forget Happy Trails.. the all time "trail classic"  u can put ur own
    words to it too on the in-between verses.
    On a sober note, I'd like to express my thoughts & sympathy to the family of
    Kurt Schlegel, and lots of love and support to Karen Standerfer.  May she
    have a quick recovery and rejoin our internet family as quickly as possible.
    Our condolences on the loss of her horse as well.  Sometimes life seems so
    Darolyn Butler-Dial & Mark Dial 
                 Proven Endurance Horses for Sale or Lease.
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    Concepts,  & KM (Human Electrolytes)
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