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    Re: [RC] ntNewsGroup: Jerez WEG Endurance Postride Report - Laney Humphrey

    Steph, can you recap Matthew M-S's ideas, or has he published them anywhere?
    Steph Teeter wrote:
    > Just as an aside - I received a phone call from Mathew McKay-Smith (sp??)
    > after I got back from Spain. He has been trying to promote a different type
    > of endurance competition - based on levels of achievement rather than head
    > to head competition. There are probably some on the list that are more
    > familiar with it then myself, but he has some interesting ideas. I don't
    > know what the solution is - I love a good race, but I hate a bad race! How
    > can we protect our sport, and better protect our horses??
    > Steph
    > (maybe LD is the answer :)
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    RE: [RC] ntNewsGroup: Jerez WEG Endurance Postride Report, Steph Teeter