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    Re: [RC] Elbow Injury informaion sought - Laurie Durgin

    May be ligament damage. Sounds like problem I had with elbows after I overlifted a very heavy stuck garage door. Couldn"t  lift any weight for 2 years. Finally healed. Also my daughter had a wrist injury  that took a second orthopedist and 3 years to figure out. She ended with surgery to "clean up the ligament".And PT. Course she got tendinitus while in PT  with it.
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    Subject: [RC] Elbow Injury informaion sought
    One of the injuries I sustained when my horse fell with me was right elbow
    injury that had been diagnosed after xrays in the emergency room as a radial
    head fracture.  After the orthopedist looked at new xrays 11 days after
    having been put in  a caste, he decided I didn't have any fractures - said
    to just start using the arm.  I had an appointment 3 days later with a
    regulary doctor to check that I didn't have nerve damage, as I was concerned
    with weakness in that arm.  He said I didn't.  Five days after that, I still
    can't fully straighten the elbow, and can't fully close it either.  I also
    get lots of involuntary muscle spasms when I push a little to straighten it
    or close it more than it 'wants' to  It doesn't really hurt - just aches a
    bit and won't bend normally. I obviously did something to the elbow.  One of
    my questions - what are the 'windows' of opportunity to do something if the
    injury is to cartilage?  I'm in an HMO and very concerned that I don't in MY
    ignorance miss something before it is too late to fix it.  I have another
    appointment with the orthopedist, but not until next week.  I finally have
    the ok for physical therapy, but I don't know when that will be.  If you
    could point me to literature or websites that would help educate me I'd
    appreciate it very much!

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