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    RE: [RC] IntNewsGroup: Jerez WEG Endurance Postride Report - Bob Morris

    Steph, I beg to differ with your concept of FEI influence. Here are the FEI statements concerning the welfare of the horse:

    Code of Conduct

    1. In all equestrian sports the horse must be considered par-amount.

    2. The well being of the horse shall be above the demands

    of breeders, trainers, riders, owners, dealers, organisers,

    sponsors or officials.

    3. All handling and veterinary treatment must ensure the

    health and welfare of the horse.

    4. The highest standards of nutrition, health, sanitation and

    safety shall be encouraged and maintained at all times.

    5. Adequate provision must be made for ventilation, feeding,

    watering and maintaining a healthy environment during


    6. Emphasis should be placed on increasing education in

    training and equestrian practices and on promoting scientific

    studies in equine health.

    7. In the interests of the horse, the fitness and competence

    of the rider shall be regarded as essential.

    8. All riding and training methods must take account of the

    horse as a living entity and must not include any technique

    considered by the FEI to be abusive.

    9. National Federations should establish adequate controls in

    order that all persons and bodies under their jurisdiction respect

    the welfare of the horse.

    10. The national and international Rules and Regulations in

    equestrian sport regarding the health and welfare of the horse

    must be adhered to not only during national and international

    events, but also in training. Competition Rules and Regulations

    shall be continually reviewed to ensure such welfare.

    I find the FEI sadly neglected this code of conduct and should be required to promulgate an answer to the Equestrian Community as to this unforgivable neglect.


    Bob Morris
    Morris Endurance Enterprises
    Boise, ID


    RE: [RC] IntNewsGroup: Jerez WEG Endurance Postride Report, Steph Teeter