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    [RC] Dane's letter - John & Sue Greenall

     I want to  commend Dr. Dane Frasier for making his views of the 
    WEG public.  He is willing to state up front what we all know has 
    been going on not just at this ride, but at other rides as well (and 
    not always FEI rides).  Having horses die is a sport is nothing new, 
    but we should have all learned from what happened to three day 
    eventing after PETA got a hold of them.  Granted, the eventers 
    should have known better and changed things before the press 
    made thing public, but after watching the cross country phase at 
    the WEG, the sport (ie, the horse) benefited from the changes 
    brought about because of this.  
    Several comparisons have been made to the PAC in Vermont 
    because there were so many vet checks (seven and one pulse 
    gate) and the completion rate was very high, for both FEI and 
    AERC standards.  I was one of the people who fought for those vet 
    checks and I was amazed that not everyone (not just FEI officials) 
    thought they were a good idea.  We also had to argue the point for 
    on-trail crewing. Unfortunately, a horse died after the PAC despite 
    all of those precautions.  
    It is so easy to point and blame, but so much harder to admit that 
    everyone who participates in this sport is responsible for the 
    welfare of the horse.  
    John and Sue Greenall
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