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    Re: [RC] IntNewsGroup: Jerez WEG Endurance Postride Report - SandyDSA

    In a message dated 9/25/2002 8:03:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, rkld.stewart@xxxxxxx writes:

    In all equestrian events, the horse must be considered paramount.
    The well being of the horse shall be above the demands of breeders, trainers, riders, owners, dealers, organizers, sponsors, or officials.If the two dead horses could speak, how would they rate our concern for the standards that this code requires? Who speaks for the horse?

    I am most proud of the USA team. I think they upheld the highest ideals for endurance riding under extremely difficult and trying circumstances. They not only talk the talk – they walk the walk. Only a few can make this claim from the 2002 Jerez Endurance WEG.

    Don't know how many of you got this full post but suffice it to say that the very reason some of us oppose VEHEMENTLY any outside organization with International interests directing or even affecting the workings of AERC in thsi country are speleld out right in thie WEG results. Dane, thank you for supporting what many people have felt for a while - that the International community of endurance is being twisted into a "sport" that favors thrill, speed and reward rather than the glory of the sport - and the care of the partner - the horse. Only 4 vetgates - the last being what, nearly the distance ridden with TWO in a standard 50 miler?

    For one example among many, the organizing committee and the Toulouse Group placed pressure on the Technical Delegate (Dr. Hallvard Sommerseth) through senior FEI officials to accept 4 vetgates with a trot-by (within the FEI rules) instead of the 5 vetgates that was preferred. (Not a single member of the veterinary commission was in favor of 4 vetgates and all felt that the trot by examination was next to worthless for metabolic assessment).

    The 4th phase was particularly difficult. It was 39 km long (24.3 miles) late in the ride (beginning at 63 miles), in the mud.

    IS anyone else troubled by the above?

    It is incumbent on us to stand firm against this kind of abuse otherwise we are as guilty as those who knocked off those horses for their own thrill. AERC has a bit of an independent, renegade streak - we LIKE our rides the way WE like them. Let's keep it that way - not to be swayed by foreign countries who do not hold the same values.