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    [RC] [Guest] Not really endurance but ... (kinda long) - Ridecamp Guest

    Beks beks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Sorry this isn't strictly endurance but ...
    I have a friend who has a 8 year old TB/Appaloosa that was broken in when he
    was about 2 or 3 and then not been ridden or worked until about 3 months
    ago.  He has always been stabled etc so has plenty of human contact.  She
    started off just jogging him behind a truck to get him to lose weight and
    has been riding him around the roads now for about 1.5 - 2 months solid, as
    in 6 days a week.  The problem is he shys - and i mean badly!  He doesn't
    just stop and stare - he slams the brakes on (no matter what speed you're
    going at) and then tries to turn around and run home!  He's been going
    around these same 3 blocks for the whole 2 months and i just think enough is
    enough!  What do you guys think?  Will he ever quit it?  He's even getting
    slightly worse i think - even to the point of shying at grass moving in a
    breeze.  Has anyone got any suggestions?  I'm afraid it was me he'd be down
    the road - i know it's only 2 months but he's dangerous!
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