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    Re: [RC] Other Things to do w/Endurance Horses - Linda

        I just finished my Native Arabian Costume this summer (worked on it for a year and a half).  I had planned on riding in a couple of parades with it along with some shows.   But it doesn't seem to be a very good time to wear an arabian costume in parades.  All the horses are decked out in Red, White and Blue.  That's just my luck.. I make a costume and then it becomes "taboo".  
    (anyone else do costumes, email me privately)
    Good Morning.. There was a time i rode Parades with my horses.  The first one was in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the Frontier Days and it was supposed to be one of the biggest horse parades in the world.  It was a hoot of hollering and having fun.  Then i came back and rode the Stanley, Va. Homecoming parade(the largest municipality in Va.w/out a sewer system).  Almost got into a fight there before i even hit Main St.  They were a drunken beligerant crowd. For a while it was fun.  But, then these VAHA (Va. Arabian Horse Association) Ladies needed a Shiek for their Mounted Arabian Costume Group.  They were mainly Endurance Riders who liked to dress up in costume and go to parades.  Well, i said sure we'll go to the Cherry Blossom Parade down Constitution Ave. in DC.  BayMar had never been in all that get-up and i even had a cape or something going over his back.  What a get up, me and him. Before i had just been a local in a floppy hat and here i was in downtown DC w/a Harem.  I should have known i was in for it when the band behind us lit up these loud drums and hoots and hollers right behind us.  Oh my goodness, i swear i have a photo of Bay Mar w/ all 4 feet off the ground rearing trying to dump me on Constitution Ave.  I had no borium on his shoes and i had never been so terrified in all my life not so much of getting dumped but where he would have ended up if i did..  The crowd thought it was great and clapped and just a part of the show but the more they clapped and the boom box band did their thing the more he reared, but i was looking for a side street to bail out on but never found one.  Between the boom box band and the rearing i ain't ever been a Shiek since. tom sites

    [RC] Other Things to do w/Endurance Horses, goearth