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    RE: [RC] HR monitor rubs - Mike Sofen

    I use aloe vera gel (the thick green stuff) when I really want instant readings, but usually, the monitor starts reading within a couple minutes even if I don't, so I rarely use anything.
    I did run into the situation where my PLACEMENT of the withers electrode was causing hair loss - it was in exactly the wrong  place pressure-wise.  I moved it back (toward his tail) a couple inches and that fixed it.
    If you really need an immediate reading, just wet the hair where the electrodes go, that will usually be enough, if the electrodes are well placed.
    Mike Sofen
    -----Original Message-----

    I have been getting heart rate monitor rubs where I put the wither electrode. The hair is actually coming off there. It seems it has happened since I started using the electrode gel. I use full wool pads (skito or toklat). Will he scar from this? I really like using the gel cause I get reading right away. Any advice?
    Karla Watson
    Portland, Oregon

    [RC] HR monitor rubs, Karla Watson