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    Re: [RC] junior riders and riding songs - Joe Long

    On Tue, 24 Sep 2002 05:42:05 -0700, "Kris Hazelbaker"
    <shajarah@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >My daughter, who is 8, has spent a lot of time with her Grandpa, who is a
    >BIG John Wayne fan.  He was recently laid up after minor surgery, and was
    >watching John Wayne movies, including The Fighting Kentuckian.  A couple of
    >nights later, she was riding up and down the driveway, practicing her
    >transitions, singing a song from that movie at the top of her lungs.  Now, I
    >didn't catch all the words (we do have a long driveway), but what I heard
    >sure sounded like a good endurance riding song - starts out with "Just 800
    >miles more to go".  Each loop of the driveway was worth 100 miles. ;>))
    (In the movie the song is sung by a regiment returning to Kentucky
    from the Battle of New Orleans)
    "Oh we thought we were gonna go by boat,
    So we went to New Orleans to have a talk.
    But the man who owns the water
    Said he didn't think we oughter
    So it looks like a long, long walk!"
    Yep, that's another one you can make up words to and adapt to the
    ride.  For example,
    "Oh, we left that last vet check feelin' fine,
    So I think we're gonna trot on down the line;
    This ol' horse keeps gettin' stronger
    So we'll ride a little longer
    And we'll get to the finish line in time!
    Only twenty-two miles more to go,
    Only twenty-two miles more to go,
    O'er the mountains above,
    Through the vallies below,
    Only twenty-two miles more to go!"
    (getting shorter as the day goes on ...)
    Joe Long
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    [RC] junior riders and riding songs, Kris Hazelbaker