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    [RC] Old Lady Award "Bear Valley Ride" - nina bomar

    Well, I was sitting behind this charming woman and at first the ride management had awarded her with one of the best condition awards (and she was completely surprised); then ride management awarded her with a completion award... then she was called up again for an another award and after they called out her number and said are you here??? she stood up and appeared mildly confused and muttered oh that's me  the "Old Lady!".  What a doll... more power to ya missy. 
    It was a very challenging course with long single track switch back climbs, perfect footing and warm weather to boot!  Cheri Briscoe and her comrades were fabulous.  They provided us all with plenty of food for the horses, good vets and a delicious steak and chicken BBQ at the end.  The awards were plentiful and the humor was splendid.  Thanks for a great weekend.  Nina Bomar