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    Re: [RC] help-- missing horse - SandyDSA

    So sorry to hear about this. We leased our stallion early in his career, hot off a Nationals qualification. BIG mistake! The gal has false ID - was only 17 - not 23. Had the experience - we tested her - and knowlege to be very believable. Worked well with our stallion. But when it came to fulfilling her pbligations in the contract, even to basic exercise, she failed miserably, costing us a full season at a prime time in his life, and he came home cribbing and out of shape. She did indeed pay for her deceit but so did our stallion. Fortunately, he is an amenable fellow :) and at 17 years old is back to his sweet and congenial demeanor. But because of this and other incidences of allowing a horse in our ownership to leave, we no longer WILL ALLOW it. When we breed lease a mare, she stays with us, is bred to our stallion, and our fees include nearly everything, so they don't have to go anywhere.We will never allow a horse to leave our home again. Too bad some bad apples ruin it for all. I hope you get some good news soon.