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    Re: [RC] What I Learned at WEG - Heidi Smith

    And just a note here--many of the horses at the WEG were NOT purebred Arabs--and "tall" has to be determined within a bell curve for each breed.  16h for a Russian Orlov is a fairly usual height, so one would expect to find some reasonable quality in that range, whereas that is very difficult in a breed such as the Arab where the normal range is much shorter and the tall ones tend to be out of proportion.  AIR, the winning horse, which WAS an Arab, was described by at least source as not being particularly tall--but I don't recall seeing the actual height.  I recall something about a horse being 15.1,  but can't remember if that was Bowman, or if that was the horse that Meg Wade rode to within a gnat's eyebrow of the bronze.
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    And those of us in the "know", know that Steph's horse that did the French ride was REALLY REALLY tall and fit her fine! (Kruschev - a 16+h Orlov Trotter)..... 

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