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    [RC] FW: Stolen saddles found - Steph Teeter

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    From: Heather Hoyns [mailto:Heather.K.Hoyns@xxxxxxxxxx]
    Sent: Sunday, September 22, 2002 7:28 PM
    To: steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: Stolen saddles found

    Stolen Saddles have been Found!!!


    Thanks to everyone who emailed, reposted the information on my stolen saddles, or called to offer me support or a loaner saddle.  In addition to posting the information,  and talking to many police agencies (most of whom don’t appear to contact each other), I called around to every tack shop, sale and /or tack/horse dealer that I could think of, or that friends told me about.  Shortly after noon on Saturday (day after the saddles were stolen), I got a call from a dealer about 60 miles from my house.  A guy had called him wanting to sell 5 saddles, “a couple of which are endurance saddles, worth $800-1600 a piece”.  After getting not very far with the state police then, I asked the dealer to but the saddles, get as much info on the guy as he could, and that I would reimburse him for what he paid.  The deal went down about 4 hours later.  The guy took a $300 check for my 5 saddles plus another older, dark, basket-weave western saddle.  He signed a receipt, told the dealer his name and where he lived.  He had a vanity plate on his green pickup with his last name (mostly) on it.  The police managed to not be there when this happened.

         Funny thing, the guy had a motor vehicle accident on the way home from the dealer.  The local police were there, ticketed and fined him, and let him go because they didn’t get the info. in time.  We’ll see if they manage to get him.  The state police were surprised that I managed to find the saddles!

         BOTTOM LINE: Make sure that your saddles all have some identifying mark/number, etc on them.  Do your own legwork; the sooner you let everyone who might come into contact with them know, the better; your chances of getting them back.  Don’t rely on the police to get the job done.

         Thanks again to everyone!