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    Re: [RC] What is the ONE thing? - Lynne Glazer

    At 5:02 PM -0600 9/14/02, Tamara Murray wrote:

    What is the ONE thing you wished you had know, or wished someone had told you before you started endurance? I am contemplating trying out my first 25 in the spring and would like to be enlightened. :o)


    You've gotten some great feedback.

    Now that I'm starting my athletic greenie ("Rubberband") in LD at Manzanita, I've been reviewing all I've learned in taking Ember from her first ride at 5 at the same venue, to multidays. This boy is a challenge, wants to do the sport so badly, and I want to make sure he gets a careful introduction. He's been camping many times, including 4 days at the ride site.

    The most important thing I have learned *ever*, from the first to our most recent, is "ride your own ride". Be able to make the choice that is right for your horse on a particular day--don't let your desire to stay with friends, or to maybe go a little faster influence what is best for your pony. Don't be afraid to get off of him and walk if he's not listening to you. Starting after the pack so you won't be tempted to keep up, is a good way to get re-centered.

    Rem-member Me and Celesteele
    Bar H Boogie (PS) 3/1/02

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    [RC] What is the ONE thing?, Tamara Murray