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    Re: [RC] What is the ONE thing? - Susan Garlinghouse

    > What is the ONE thing you wished you had know, or wished someone had told
    > before you started endurance? I am contemplating trying out my first 25 in
    > spring and would like to be enlightened. :o)
    1)  Wear a bra built for its engineering and not its recreational potential.
    If necessary, duct tape is an acceptable, though painful, stopgap measure.
    If used, be prepared for strange looks in the women's locker room at the gym
    for awhile.
    2)  Cheese does not travel well in fanny packs.
    3) One 20 oz. water bottle is not enough.
    4) Never wash a fuzzy saddle pad and leave it damp in the trailer when base
    camp temperatures are below freezing.
    5)  Stuff your Saturday riding clothes into the sleeping bag with you Friday
    night so they're warm when you wake up.
    6)  Have EVERYTHING meticulously laid out and ready to go Friday night so
    you can feed, saddle, electrolyte, start and make it to the first vet check
    without ever actually gaining consciousness.
    7) Never get so caught up in the excitement that you think you need to 'keep
    up' instead of taking the time to take excellent care of yourself and your
    8) Eat breakfast on Saturday morning, even if you have to gag it down.
    9)  Apologize to your crew ahead of time for behaving as though you were
    raised by werewolves, thank them nicely and profusely before, during and
    after the fact.
    10)  Remember this is supposed to be fun, and there are very few things
    worth truly getting your panties in a wad over.
    Just my (very limited and painfully gained) experience.  Have a great time
    and good luck!
    Susan G
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    [RC] What is the ONE thing?, Tamara Murray