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    [RC] WNV - Howard Bramhall

    I do think it might be able to go from horse to horse similar to the way EIA travels from horse to horse, via the misquito, as the receptor and the transmitter.  It seems to have the same qualities as any other virus that travels best in bloody waters, similar to AIDS and EIA.  Of course, I'm just a dumb ole Florida redneck, don't listen to me, but there seems to be similarities from what I've been reading.
    The shot may not be 100 percent reliable, but I haven't seen any horses down here die from WNV that were vaccinated.  A few cases where the horse contracted WNV that were vaccinated, but those horses seemed to get a very mild case of this deadly virus.  I just wish they'd put the stuff out on the market so we didn't have to pay for the vet trips every time cause it does get expensive.  Anyone hear how long it will take for this vaccine to get to where I can get it myself without begging my vet for it?
    Howard (dreaming of that first frost down here; die mosquito die) 
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    Arlington-but don't forget this horse came from and was exposed to WNV
    in North Dakota.  My understanding is that WNV does not spread horse to
    horse.  Never the less I think the time has come for us to vacinate for

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