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    [RC] Re:WN shots - Drin Becker

    Linda wrote
    "So I'm playing it safe, and =
    giving the shots NOW myself at $25.00 each. (The vet has also seen my =
    horses within the last six months which is why he agreed to let me do my =
    own "shooting"  which saves me a $40.00 service call fee each visit:).
    I had the vet out yesterday to look at a board horse that we have here on
    our place and he said that he could sell me a bottle of vaccine for  a
    over a $100.00 which would equal out to 14.00 a shot to give them myself.
    I can't remember if he said the bottle had 8 or 10 doses in it . But right
    we can go in to the clinic and buy single shot doses at 17.00 per shot .What
    a difference in prices .
                           Drin Becker
                           Mtn Region
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