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    [RC] My second ride! - Typef

    Well, I'm off to my second 25-miler (Pacific Itnl East Bay) and I'm excited. I'm better prepared than I was on my first and I've got beet pulp and I know how to use it! At least I think I do! All I know is my horse loves it. She's been getting her Surelytes in it for a week now and can't wait to slobber it all down.
    I'm looking forward to shaving a little off my time, which I think I can do, now that I know to get in line for P&R before the horse comes down instead of waiting. I lost 20 minutes the first vet check that way on my first ride. There was nobody at the vet check and the next thing I know there are 7 horses waiting in line. Of course, I know I have to let the next person in line go ahead if my horses isn't down yet. Boy, do you have to pay attention!
    Wishing everyone who is out there this weekend, a great ride!
    :) Jackie