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    Re: [RC] Sport Saddles - Kathy & Mike Kelly

    I have a SS and love it (bought it from Karen Sullivan, actually).
    Short-backed horses sometimes have problems with it, its a fairly long
    saddle.  I had loin rubbing until I switched to a center-fired rigging,
    that's taken care of that.
    I most often hear that the horse loves it, but the rider can't tolerate the
    wider hip spread (from being right on the horses back vs raised by a tree).
    People who've had hip or knee problems may find it uncomfortable.
    No one saddle is going to fit every horse/rider.  I love mine and hope to
    get another this year!
    Kathy Kelly
    Parks AZ
    > > > I'm curious. If the treeless Bob Marshall Sport Saddles are such good
    > > saddles, why are there SO many of them for sale in the classified
    > > listed as "practically brand new, like new" etc.??? Just wondered...
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