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    Re: [RC] In desperate need of advice - Laurie Durgin

               I need a little more info, the bucking and cross cantering could be related to each other, but in the same since you could have two different problems.
               1st off, do you have a professional trainer working with your horse?  Have you had a saddle fitter out, that could have something to do with the bucking.  Is he girthy in any way? What about his turnout? Anyone of those things could be the reason but I doubt it. I have dealt with several horse like your and they all had a different problems.  Is the horse balanced? that could explain the cross cantering, and what about his hocks? have you had them x-rayed? Even though he is not showing any lameness he still maybe hurting somewhere. I knew three horses that had hock problems and were not showing lameness but were cross cantering and bucking. And when we began injecting the hocks, they were perfect ponies again!   Have you had the vet examine the horses ribcage?  I would also look into having the horse x-rayed.  and flexion test, if you have not already. I am sure I am forgetting something, But you even have look at the little things to find the problem.
         Charity & Champ (Laurie's daughter)
    Help! I need some advice from anyone out there who may have come across this problem. My step-daughter has a thoroughbred and competes in hunter jumpers, and is having this problem with her horse that has everyone including numerous vets and a chiropractor stumped. I am hoping that someone out there can give us some advice.
    This horses problem seems to be a progressive one. He started out with bucking. REALLY huge bucks when he was being ridden.It doesnt seem to be malicious in nature which is what made us watch him a little more closely. When he is asked to canter in a circle or a straight line he always cross canters. When we turn him out in a roundpen and free lunge him he still cross canters, but not quite as badly. But as soon as he is ridden he starts to buck again. We called a chiropracor out to adjust him, thinking it could either be in his hips or back. The Chiropractor said he thought his hips were out, so he adjusted him, but it didnt help at all. We then decided to bute him and see how he goes. Well, he didnt buck at all while on bute, but as soon as we took him off, he would start bucking again. So now we know he is in pain SOMEWHERE, but cant figure out where. When we apply pressure down his spine and back muscles, he doesnt show any discomfort at all. So we laid him up for a month and started riding him again, just to be faced with the same problem. We tried different saddles (all jumping saddles) and various saddle pads, all with no change in the horse. The thing that seems to be a red flag for me is his cross cantering. Could it be a hip thing? He hasnt taken a lame step ever.
    I would really appreciate any advice anyone could offer. I thought I would put this out to ridecamp before spending hundreds taking him to a hospital.(I think we may have to do that anyway!)
    P.S we spoke to the previous owners of the horse, and they cant think of anything in his past that may have caused this. We asked if he fell, and they say he hasnt. They did dressage on him for a few years. He is 8 years old.
    Thank-you in advance for advice!
    Yvette and Katie.

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