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    [RC] OLN Coverage of the WEG/update - Bill and Jan Stevens

    I just thought that some of you might want to see the WEG on TV.  For those of you that have the small satellite dishes, it will be on OLN.  This is what they sent me when I asked about their coverage of it.



    “Our coverage of the World Equestrian Games airs Sundays in December on OLN.


    George Smirnoff

    Outdoor Life Network”


    I also talked to my husband this morning.  Things are going well.  Sounds like the usual parties etc.  They even stole one of the Dressage team’s crew members and made them party with them last night.  Poor Soul!  Horses are sounding great…”getting better all the time”, he said.  Food is OK (not sure what that means-probably not much in the way of chicken fried steak or rare ribeye steaks), but by the sounds of it the beer is good.  He was planning on watching some of the vaulting, sounds as if they are doing REALLY good.  He was even going to go watch some of the dressage tonight (wonder if he’ll learn anything?).  He said that the dressage team was doing very well considering the “good ‘ole boy club” over there was doing the judging.  Something to the effect that we were ½ point away from a Gold medal? 


    Probably won’t have any more updates until the actual day, I will be away from a computer for a couple days.


    Jan Stevens