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    Re: [RC] Your Horses Are On Fire.. - Lynne Glazer

    At 9:23 PM +0000 9/11/02, Ridecamp Guest wrote:

    Char Antuzzi char_antuzzi@xxxxxx
    I acquired a few Percherons. They're the kindest, gentlest, most easygoing creatures on earth, but owning them created a problem for me. I had only ten acres of pasture; that's a little more than three acres a horse - hardly enough to feed three 1800-pound horses year 'round without haying.

    Here's what a buddy of mine says:

    Subject: Re: Fwd: [RC] Your Horses Are On Fire..

    Hey Lynne -

    That's Baron Taylor's article... it was printed in the Anvil Magazine... true story....happened when I lived in Cascade, MD and he lived about 2 miles away in Sabillasville.

    Here's the original:


    - Henry

    Henry Heymering, CJF, RMF
    President, Guild of Professional Farriers

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    [RC] Your Horses Are On Fire.., Ridecamp Guest