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    Re: [RC] nonriding husbands in camp! - long - Maggie & David

    There is a couple that come to rides in this area sometimes. They have a gooseneck trailer with living quarters pulled by a gorgeous custom painted '59 Chevy. It's kept covered once the trailer is unhooked, though. Get there early to get to gawk at it!
    Maggie Pritchard
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    Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2002 11:17 AM
    Subject: Re: [RC] nonriding husbands in camp! - long

         What a wonderful post this is.  You are a very loved and supported person and in turn it sounds like you support your spouse as well.
         I had to chuckle at your comment about the godforsaken comment though.  We moved to a small 'ranchette' just a little ways out of town.  Nice house, has a barn, fully fenced on not quite three acres.  We are one mile from the interstate, have neighbors all around us.  I am 1 mile from work, Bob is 7 miles from work and we are about 8 miles to the nearest full scale grocery store.  Only 1 mile from a convience store.  But he keeps whining about living in the country.  Being a city boy at heart he doesn't really know what living in the country truly could be.  He could have no neighbors, a generator for power, and a thirty-five mile drive from the top of a mountain down a rutty logging road to get to a gas station.  Geez!
         My guy is into vintage cars (hot rods) and I love doing that with him.  Cruizing down the road in a noisy hot rod is almost as fun as cruizing a good trail on my horse.  I guess it is the speed thing.  I go to car shows with him which consist of either sitting in a chair near your car while other people walk by and gauk at you, or walking around, gauking at others sitting in their chair by their car.  We did just go on a rod run where a group of 22 cars cruized down the highway to different destinations each day.  Saw some beautiful country (Canada Banff area) and made some new friends.
         Anyway, I guess my point is I always invite him to come along, bring his dog and his favorite rod magazines and just keep me company.  He knows he need to do it someday, but I guess is not quite ready yet.  He does make sure that my truck and trailer are road worthy and ready for me to travel safely.  So for now that is good enough for me.  At least he is home when I come back. 
         So for anyone out there who has a spouse that is supportive in anyway of your sport, bless them and be happy for any little thing they do do to help out.  Whether it be loading a bale of hay or anything else all the way to cleaning your horse up after a long day in the saddle.
    Becky R. 
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    From: Tiffany D'Virgilio
    Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 8:35 PM
    To: Rebecca Rohwer; GarnerT; Ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: Re: [RC] nonriding husbands in camp! - long
    I'm married to  a professional musician. We have been together since we were
    20, now we are 33. Before he got successful, I toted his gear, set up his
    drums, sat at so many late gigs I was bleary eyed. I was there because I
    supported him and believed in him. Now he has roads and crew people on tour
    to do those things.
    At the Norco ride he woke up on three hours of sleep, hustled himself down
    there and crewed for me and my mare all day with a smile. Toted my gear and
    sat bleary eyed. All because he loves and supports me and my dreams too.
    I believe you get back what you put in. He isn't really that horsey, but he
    tries. He feeds, cleans and has allowed me to move us to "this Godforsaken
    area" so that I can have unlimited trails and horse property.
    Like Angie, I try to be pleasant, ask him when it is good for me to ride,
    ask him to watch the kids so I can ride, etc. My girlfriend was envious
    because her hubby could care less how or what she did at that ride. I'm
    eternally grateful for my wonderful husband, and he for me. I suffer through
    months of being alone, juggling work, kids, horses, when he is on tour, so
    he balances it out by giving back to me.
    I'm happy to do for him because he does for me. I love having him at rides,
    so I would never complain about any little thing he might do wrong. He is
    there and supports and that is what matters.
    In short, non riding hubbies in camp are a good thing!

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    Re: [RC] nonriding husbands in camp! - long, Rebecca Rohwer