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    [RC] Shipping boots - AprJhn

    Ok, guys, I need some input and help.
    I have a set of shipping boots, but need another set. Tanna has narrow legs and the set of boots I currently have are really too big for him. I like how far up his leg they go, but they are too big around for him.
    The boots I currently own have 3 or 4 straps that velcro to the boot itself. The problem is there is not enough velcro material to attach to once I pull the boots firmly around Tanna's leg.
    So I would like to find a set of shipping boots that are regular horse size, but that have velcro pretty much all the way around. That way I could pull the boot around his leg and strap them so they stay on (they tend to fall off) and velcro them firmly.
    Anybody happen to know where to get boots like that??
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