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    [RC] Ready for 25? - Laurie Durgin

    Ok. We are actually planning the 1st. 25(again, hopfully no more major family crisis will occur this time). Now I have been riding ol' Rascal(the 'please let me run, faster, faster, I'll buck if you don't, or spin'"No actually you''ll do 43 half halts the last mile home, or we''ll turn you around and Walk 5 steps before you get to Walk the other direction for 3 steps , then jig, then turn and walk5 steps. . . ad nauseum. . .   Been riding him 1.5-2.5 hours up and down hills for 1.5 years now .(to be honest I did real good for 9 months then we had breaks of anywhere from 12 weeks to 3 weeks of no riding. Averaged about 2 days a week this summer. Now keeping a log, found a saddle that fits and is  secure, and want to get him  in condition for my 1st 25 . I can easily work 3-4 days a week from anywhere from 1.5 hours to 3, including some ring work. Our riding ground is 75% hills, up to,45-60 degrees. His resting heart rate is 32. And I have never actually worked him into a sweat in his life, except under the saddle. (He did get a bit damp today after our ride in 94% heat, only 23% humidity though, but we were cantering up hills.So how many weeks do I need to get him safely to easy 25? I am trying to pick  a ride this fall or winter in the Ga. area, hope to volunteer first(was going to Dawson Forest to Vol. but daughters surgeon called to get her surgery done that Thur. ). One of my books suggested 12 weeks. (I have Donna, snyder, smiths  book and just got "Go the distance". I do want to take into consideration that I may wish to start 10 minutes after everyone else and I may widh to trot, and walk in places, BUT I  realise I could have a mainiac who wants to trot or canter the whole thing, althugh usually a patch of grass will slow him down for a few bites.(I think the trick to getting your horse to graze along the trail is to have no grass on your farm and so it becomes a rare treat.)     . . .  Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. If you are at our first ride , just look for the absolutely shortest  backed arabian you have ever seen, that will be Rascal.    Laurie and Rascal

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