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    Re: [RC] WNV case confirmed in CA - Lori Bertolucci

    Maryanne, you are absolutely correct. The way this is treated is to treat the symptoms. We attacked the symptoms with heavy doses of anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, just in case there were any secondary viral infections. The whole idea being to keep the inflammation down in the brain.
    Lori B.
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    From: Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
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    Subject: RE: [RC] WNV case confirmed in CA
    Like I keep saying. WNV itself is not that serious. The encephalitis that can be a complication is what kills horses and people.  WNV does not necesarily equal encephalitis, any more than a cold necessarily equals pneumonia.

    Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
    Cairo, Egypt

    Was told this morning that the horse is doing much better now. There are definite symptoms to look for and I think if you get after it right away, you have a better chance of beating it. Luckily, I had just come from the one ranch in Nebraska and knew the symptoms when the horse in Iowa started showing them. Many phone calls to the ranch in Neb. later and the horse was being treated, thanks to a vet. that was willing to work with my friend, even when he wasn't familiar with the disease.
    Thought you might like to know....
    Lori B.