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    RE: [RC] WNV Calif. A different point of view - heidi sowards

    --- Mike Sofen <msofen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
      In the USA, much of the
    > population is quite blind
    > to the real life and death health situations that exist
    > in other parts of
    > the world.  
    I don't think we're really all that blind Mike, just so
    many problems in our own country and our immediate
    families, that we sometimes don't pay as much attention. As
    for money being spent, 1995 to date there has been 742
    million spent from gov. funding alone from USAIDS for the
    21 countries of South Africa, the World Bank has recently
    funded $500 million to Nelson Mandela for AIDS
    research/awareness and treatment programs. Still,
    interesting to think that the african people seem to think
    having sex with a virgin will cure them and have the
    highest incidence of child rape in the world. (A week old
    baby was reported about 1 month ago.) You'd think the $742
    million would have quelled that little rumor. As a
    comparison, the US has funded 39 million for prostate
    cancer from 1992 - 2000/210 million for ovarian cancer(same
    time frame) and 1+ billion for Breast cancer(also same time
    frame.) Just a non-endurance thought to chew on.
    (Sorry Steph, going back into lurk mode now!)
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    RE: [RC] WNV Calif. A different point of view, Mike Sofen