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    Re: [RC] What do I do in the mean time? - Laurie Durgin

    Good idea. You could "play games 'with him ,like Pat parelli's. Or teach him some voice commands.Work on "giving to the bit" (from the ground.)Or get him responding to pressure
    (from side). Maybe (if it's ok physically) you could teach him to sidepass, or turn on the forehand. If you don't have training books, or can't afford them try the library or go to a big book chain, like "borders" or Barnes and Noble and go to the horse section with a notebook and take a few ideas down from the books there. This will all help with bonding with him and make  a deeper connection for when you can ride again. Hope this helps. Laurie and Rascal
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    The horse I lease just got hurt, but it is not becuase I did something wrong.  It wasn't becuase I was going to fast, or troting down hills, or did things like that.  As far as my knoledge goes it just happened.  The farrier wants him off for 2 months.  So what should I do in the mean time?  Should I get some jobs becuase I am only 13.  Or should I work on ground work or something?  Any thoughts?

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