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    [RC] LOJACK for Lost Horses - Linda B. Merims

    I checked out the field trial web page that
    Ray pointed me to.  It is *exactly* what I
    was looking for.
    It led me to this web page for a firm that
    manufacturers radio-finding equipment, both
    for researchers (ever wonder where those
    bear collars come from?) and for field trial
    guys who need to find lost dogs.  Check out
    their dog recovery equipment page:
    (Again, if this URL line appears wrapped, it is
    supposed to be one line.)
    Like most radio stuff, the range is
    undoubtedly better in flatter terrain.
    Alas, the receivers are much more
    expensive!  Evidently these devices are
    also now being used for Alzheimer patients!
    Linda B. Merims
    Massachusetts, USA