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    Re: [RC] The Arabian Breed - Bette Lamore

    Hi Tom
    No one has ever said that carte blanch, bigger is better (or at least I didn't), and neither is smaller always better, per se----- all depends on the conformation, athletic ability, genes, (and beauty is a nice bonus!) All things equal, bigger is an alternative for those people who enjoy riding a taller horse and some who feel foolish or uncomfortable, because of their weight and height or just appearance, riding a 14.2 Arabian. Size is an advantage if one is showing in OPEN dressage, or hunter/jumper, etc. Likewise, it is a disadvantage if one is doing barrel racing, or some events in gymkhana. I will add endurance to that list only if statistics prove that the taller horses with good conformation and athletic ability who are trained/worked decently break down sooner than short horses with the same qualifications. Perhaps the taller guy is not destined for endurance but must console himself with competitive trail, pleasure trail, flat racing... whatever. I for one will wait for the scientific studies to come out. Remember, for many years "common sense" told folks the world was flat.
    Not everyone in endurance wants to ride a small horse, and given that there are quality tall ones around (yes, you have to look for them--- just as you have to look for ANY quality horse), there is no reason that they should feel compelled to ride on a shorter Arabian just because some folks are line-breeding the smaller horses or happy with the smaller horses and for some strange reason do NOT want ANYONE to breed for taller horses with good conformation. Doesn't sound like America to me ;-)
    Why do I keep getting sucked into these size debates? I believe in my quality tall horses and hate to see someone who wants a taller horse decide not to search for one because of peer pressure. Go for what you want!!!! Small, large, black, white, or "camels!" I would encourage all to send for videos from different breeders and judge the quality of the horse on his merits yourself! There is a place for quality horses--- no matter what the size-- and I mean smaller, too.
    Bette, who will continue to breed ALL sizes, including BIG, for those "neurotic" individuals who want a big horse (TIC!) Can we just say "Vivre La Difference!" (you Frenchmen have to excuse any spelling faux pas --- many moons since 2 semesters of French) and move on..... We seem to be beating a TALL dead horse :-)

    goearth wrote:

    Hello Campers, from my little book, the Observers Book of Horses and Ponies which was printed in the UK and given to me by Felicity Anne Russell (FAR) the granddaughter of Bertrand i read that ..."Of all the horse breeds of the world, the Arab is not only the oldest and the most beautiful, but has had more influence on other breeds than any, which is the surest tribute to its excellance. The breeds outstanding features are: a small horse-the stallions standing 14'2-15 hands, with mares slightly smaller-of extremely graceful carriage and beautifully refined head,with tail carried high and gaily; a horse of arresting and picturesque appearance, indeed, the very picture horse of all the equine race." So since i was for a time a breeder of them and had more problems w/ vaginas than sheaths i would say that the modern day philosophy of "Bigger is Better" does not align itself with the thinking and reasoning of the original intent of those that bred them for 5,000 years. tom sites

    Bette Lamore
    Whispering Oaks Arabians
    Home of 16.2h TLA Halynov
    who lives on through his legacy
    Hal's Riverdance!

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    [RC] The Arabian Breed, goearth