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    Re: [RC] WNV case confirmed in CA - Susan Garlinghouse

    > I also heard that she may have gotten it from a case of meningitis, rather
    than a mosquito...in any case...I'll be vaccinating my guys.
    I also thought I would pass along the gist of a conversation today among the
    various medicine and surgical types at CSU---someone commented that there is
    a thought going around that vaccinating just the one time (ie, without the
    second booster 3-4 weeks later) is sufficient protection for the short time
    until winter, and then a second booster should be given next spring.  The
    reason is that because of the shortage of vaccine, a lot of practitioners
    can't get enough to supply the second booster, and thus hoping one is
    enough.  The relevant comment was made by CSU's two epidemiologists that
    both said one vaccination is better than none, but you won't mount an
    adequate immune response without the second booster (which is true, if you
    know anything about immunology).  Their recommendation is to give both the
    first and second vaccination now, and a booster next spring (which is what
    I'm doing).  I also asked what the unofficial efficacy rate is of the
    vaccine and they thought it was pretty effective, probably in their opinion
    between 80-90%.  I asked again if there had been any reported adverse
    reactions, and they said no.
    BTW, from the first reported case in Colorado a few weeks ago, there are now
    A LOT.  One case that ended up being positive for WNV was brought into the
    teaching hospital and was ultimately euthanized.  Although the disease
    didn't seem to be outright painful, it certainly wasn't pretty, nor was
    watching his owner cry as we put him down.
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    Re: [RC] WNV case confirmed in CA, Christine McLaughlin