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    RE: [RC] A summary of ridecamp this summer - John A. Teeter

    ok, ok, steph's out to travel and will be checking in on me...She left today
    on a flight she thought was tomorrow until last night this morning. I've
    gotta keep watch for her eh?
    (btw: I did a bit of research on the censorship thing concerning the missing
    red easyboot message. As you'll recall, there was a supposition that
    censorshyp was happening b/c that message went through to ridecamp but
    didn't go through to the archives or the digest during that period of time.
    Turns out that there was a roughly period of time around the date in
    question (I think it was 11 june?) when the number of messages in the
    archives didn't match the number of messages sent to ridecamp. at the
    beginning of that period, I had made a programming change in the catcher of
    the post (which disperses it to the archiver and the digester) and didn't
    validate the change.
    The catcher failed until it was repaired. The delta in messages was quite
    significant (27) tho not complete (out of 84). That is a loss of memory for
    the archives; amnesia kind of.
    It recovered later in the day on the 11th and comparisons of various dates
    moving forward are consistent.
    The bug did introduce a form of censorship, resulting in a class of messages
    which would not be published in either the digest or the archives.  I do
    apologize for my zealous support of open character of the stream of
    information flowing through ridecamp.
    (btw2: I just received this from Mike Maul.
    It points out why I might need to make changes to the catcher (it's not
    catching the right stuff). It would be
    easier if, when posting to ridecamp, youall not to use too many fancy
    formating things. Plain text messages are appriciated.
    From: Michael Maul mmaul@xxxxxxxxx
    Subject: [RC] Qualification Period for the AERC National Championships
    Aug 31, 2002 to
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    Re: [RC] A summary of ridecamp this summer, Howard Bramhall